Research implies the generation of impeccable evidence for global, national, local and professional applications. Considering the diverse nature of medical laboratory science and limiting experience among practitioners in the design and conduct of research , it becomes imperative that its practitioners be well informed, equipped and  grounded in research and research methodologies in order to enable them perform effectively and efficiently; with a view to achieving the desired outcome and impact. This course covers topics such as: introduction to research, terminologies in research, types of research and research designs. Others include formulating research questions and hypothesis, statistical issues in research, methodologies in research, ethical issues in research and basic concepts in scientific writing. This course is conceived and written with a view to intimating Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) about best practices, knowledge and skills required to conceive, design, perform and report research studies thereby improving practice and increasing knowledge. It is presented in a simple, logical and easy to understand language; so that practitioners of diverse skill and knowledge levels could be able to comprehend its content. It is expected that all MLS and other professionals from diverse background should benefit from this course and thereafter achieve the intended objectives.